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An Inclusive Children's Book Club

Miles to Row is a unique children’s book club that features diverse stories, authors, and illustrators. We aim to spark important conversations and expand your library to reflect our diverse world. Help us build a community that represents us all. With every purchase, we donate one of our diverse book selections to local schools, libraries, and nonprofits.

Diverse Books For A
Diverse World

How Our Book Club Works

1. Buy One, Gift One

When you purchase a monthly subscription or make a one-time purchase, Miles to Row will donate a diverse and inclusive book to a child through one of our partner organizations throughout the US. Schools, libraries, and other nonprofits will all benefit each month from your purchase!

2. Carefully Selected

We curate our monthly book collections with all families in mind. We choose stories, authors, and illustrators that celebrate diversity and embrace inclusion. Children need to see themselves, their family, and their friends in books. Miles to Row provides all kinds of books for all kinds of families!

3. Talking Tips

Books are a natural way to begin discussions. When families read together, children can explore their observations and questions with people they trust. Let's acknowledge and name differences in race, religion, ethnicity, gender, identity, families, and abilities. Our Talking Tips can help you feel more confident with these important conversations.

Our favorite and the most popular choice!

Each book celebrates diversity in a different way, with three books each month, your family can see why inclusion is so important. Each monthly collection includes talking tips to spark conversations within your family. We value all kinds of books for all kinds of families!

Along with your purchase, a book is donated monthly to one of our partner organizations located throughout the United States.

$45 (Free Shipping)

1 Book Monthly

Subscribe and receive one children’s book each month that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Each month includes talking tips to spark conversations within your family. We value all kinds of books for all kinds of families!

Along with your purchase, a book is donated monthly to one of our partner organizations located throughout the United States.

$25 (Free Shipping)

Three Books Subscription

One Time Buy (3 Books)

Looking for a gift? Want to try one month before subscribing? With this option, receive the same monthly selection, talking tips, and as always – Miles to Row will donate a book to one of our partner organizations located throughout the United States. 

Let’s build a community together!

$50 (Free Shipping)

One Time Buy (2 Books)

Receive two of our favorite books. A perfect gift for any classroom or teacher! Along with your purchase, a book is donated to a child through our partner organizations located throughout the United States.

$35 (Free Shipping)

One Time Buy (2 Books)

Family & Women-Owned Sisters-in-law Colleen and Betsy want to help spark those important conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion as well as make diverse books more accessible to all children.

Why Diverse Books?
Origin Of Miles To Row

One of our founders, Betsy, has been challenged in finding high quality books that represent her family. After Betsy’s older son was born Deaf, her family looked for books that had Deaf characters and stories, and books that could mirror what he was experiencing. She also sought out books that were a window for other children to understand how he experienced the world. When her son saw himself in books, he was more engaged and interested in reading.

When Betsy’s younger son was diagnosed with Autism, she searched again for books that would help her son feel valued and represented, featuring neurodiverse characters. She also wanted stories that could help friends, family, and classmates understand her son better. 

As an educator, Colleen saw the impact diverse books had on students. Children are aware of differences and books helped support conversations in the classroom. Not only was it important for a child to see someone who they related to – in appearance, beliefs, choices – “seeing a friend in the pages of books helped make our classroom a community.” With Betsy and Colleen’s experiences, they decided they could do more in 2020. Societal disadvantages challenged them to find ways to better support families and children. Miles to Row was established so we can all do better – in our homes and in our communities. Let Miles to Row help your family with important conversations led naturally through incredible books. We find the books, you provide the community! Let’s start a new narrative of inclusion, together. Differences make us, us.


We are unique in that each purchase comes with a donation to a child through a partner organization and all of our books celebrate inclusion and diversity.

The name Miles to Row is very personal – it is based on our cofounder Betsy’s children, Miles and Ronan. When considering a company name, we thought about all the miles we still have to row with our families and the challenges and joy we experience each day. Betsy’s interest in diverse and inclusive books first started when her older son, Ronan, was born with a rare genetic syndrome and is Deafblind. She is always looking for ways to include Ronan, and to allow him to see himself in the books he reads. After Miles was diagnosed with Autism, Betsy also started to look for books with neurodiversity. We understand wanting to have representation for your child, and we look for books, authors, and illustrators that represent a wide variety of races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, genders, and identities.

Representation matters. Children need to see their community in what they are reading. By including stories that celebrate diversity, children feel valued when they see themselves, their families, their friends in important characters and stories.

Children notice. It’s as simple as that. Children are confronted with differences and similarities in front of them everyday. They look to the adults in their lives to see how they should respond. Modeling behavior and answering questions are two of the most important parenting jobs that exist. Say hi to families, ask how they are, smile! Children will respond in kind. Children notice, but without bias, they are only wondering. Books are a natural way to begin discussions. Children can explore their observations and questions with people they trust. Our books provide an opportunity for families to discuss and wonder in a safe place.
Don’t worry, we can help! We provide a list of talking tips with each subscription to help guide family discussions about diversity and inclusion.
We are currently choosing books for new and early readers, up to about age 9. Each box could include board books, hardback and softback books, and picture books. We look for a variety of high quality books for each box.
We are currently choosing books for new and early readers, up to about age 9. We have plans to expand to older readers in the future. For more information about new subscriptions, sign up for our newsletter or check back on the site for updates. If there’s something specific you’d like to see, send us a note via Contact Us!
When you purchase a subscription, Miles to Row will donate one book each month to a partner organization. We will also donate one book for each one-time purchase. Our partner organizations are aimed at expanding diverse and inclusive book choices for children. Organizations may include schools, libraries, and other nonprofits that bring books to children. Your donation will be a valuable asset, comfort, and often a friend to a child who really needs it. Thank you!

Yes! Please email us at help@milestorow.com with any recommendations. We are always looking for impactful books to include in our service.

We do not have monthly themes at this time. Each monthly subscription includes a variety of diverse and inclusive stories, authors, and illustrators.
A subscription is the easiest way for you to have new, high quality, engaging books in your home each month. Our service takes away the time spent searching for new books and helps families expand their library to include more diverse books. A package addressed to your child with surprise books inside; that is truly a special gift each month.

We charge sales tax to customers in CA in accordance with state and federal laws.

Yes! On the purchase page, please include their information in the shipping. You may include a note when checking out.
Yes, we offer gift cards! Please visit our product page to purchase a gift card for a friend or family.
For a one-time purchase, you will be charged immediately when you complete your order. Our subscriptions have a monthly cut off date of the 20th. Any orders we receive up to the 20th will be charged immediately and receive the current month’s book box. For orders after the 20th, you will not be charged until the following month and you will receive the following months’ box. After your initial purchase, we charge on the 1st of the month for subscriptions.

For a one-time purchase, we ship orders within 7 – 10 business days. For a new subscription purchase, we have two monthly ship dates – the beginning of the month, and the 20th of the month depending on when you purchase your subscription. For all future months, you will receive your box at the beginning of the month. 

You can cancel subscriptions through My Account on the website. You can also send us a note through Contact Us on the website by the 20th of the month to cancel future orders.

You can subscribe any time to our book club! If you subscribe by the 20th of the month, you will be charged and receive that month’s box. If you subscribe after the 20th, you will be charged on the 1st of the following month and receive that month’s box.

At this time we are shipping in the US only. Please email us if you would like to receive books in another country.
We mail our books in sustainable packaging sent through USPS.

Please send us an email at help@milestorow.com, and let us know what happened. We will be in touch with what to do.

If you already have a book that we have selected for the month’s subscription box, you have a few choices. Keep the book in case your other copy is a bit too loved (we are always going through books at our house!) Donate the book to a local school, library, or favorite nonprofit. Or give the book to another family. If you choose to donate or give the book as a gift, send us a picture at help@milestorow.com with a note and we can give you a one-time credit of $10 towards a future month.

For subscribers who would like the books by December 25th, we have a cut off on December 15th. Gift cards can be ordered up until the holidays!

Yes! We are currently running a sale on prepaying for 6 months at a time. 

By purchasing a subscription billed biannually (every 6 months), you agree and acknowledge that your subscription has been prepaid for 6 months and you accept full responsibility of charges. 

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