About Us

Miles and Ronin

Miles to Row is a unique children’s book club that features diverse stories, authors, and illustrators. Our mission is to make these books more accessible to all children. We aim to spark important conversations and expand your library to reflect our diverse world. Help us build a community that represents us all. With every purchase, Miles to Row donates one of our diverse books to local schools, libraries, and nonprofits.

It is never too early to discuss diversity, and all children should have access to books that not only reflect themselves but reflect our diverse world. Our books are carefully selected by parents and educators with the goal of representation.

Children need to see themselves, their family, their friends in the materials in front of them. How can we raise a reader if the child can’t see their world in what they read? Our aim is to further understanding of ourselves and our community through engaging book selections that range from the everyday moments to the personal achievements that inspire generations.

Books are a natural way to begin discussions. When read together, children can explore their observations and questions with people they trust. These conversations support children to develop positive feelings towards race and diversity. Embracing our uniqueness builds the foundation of a true community.


Betsy and Ronin 

I’m a graduate of Columbia University and UCLA, and my career has spanned manufacturing, product development, mobile apps, and advertising. These last few years, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom. Our family has been on the road less taken, with my older son having a rare disease with many medical complexities and my younger son having Autism. I’ve seen how excited my children are to see themselves in books, and how that can bridge more connection with others. This connection is what I want to bring to other families as they explore more diverse stories.



I’m an early childhood educator who has seen what it means to a child when they see themselves in what they’re reading. I’m a mom who asks their children to see themselves in someone who looks different than them. Talking about similarities and differences supports us in seeing how similar we all really are. I graduated from Ohio State with degrees in History and Political Science. I graduated from Boston University with a Master’s in Early Childhood Education. I’ve taught children aged 3-10 in both Boston and Atlanta. I’ve been a mom and wife in the United States and in Basel, Switzerland. I’ve seen the power books hold – let’s use them to support our community to be better, to do more, to support our future – a future that starts today.