Hiya Moriah
Hiya Moriah

Hiya Moriah

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A beautifully illustrated, rhythmic story about a young girl's life with a disability  Through her brave attitude, and silly humor, Moriah is an inspiration for us all. This is a book that families can enjoy together with a timeless message about love and acceptance, and just saying "hiya" when making a new friend with different abilities. The bonus picture glossary and "What's This? What's That?" page in Hiya Moriah creates a space for children to celebrate how special and unique each of them were made to be.


This book contains themes of disabilities, medical equipment, childhood surgeries, hospital stays, inclusion, and family acceptance. Available as a hardback book.


About the Author

Victoria Nelson was a preschool teacher until her daughter, Moriah, was born with a rare, medically-complex syndrome called CHARGE. Through Moriah, Victoria learned the incredible richness of living life with special needs, and the inspiring determination demonstrated by Moriah and her friends to live life to the fullest, despite the many challenges they faced. After living in and out of hospitals with Moriah, Victoria became an advocate for children and families with different abilities.

Available as a hardcover book
Written by Victoria Nelson
Illustrated by Boddz
Published by Koehler Books
ISBN 978-1633937857