I Will Swim Next Time

I Will Swim Next Time

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"Gentle, inspiring, and important... for parents looking to quell children's fears, support their dreams, and allow them room to grow." – Kirkus Reviews

"When we went to a beach,
my tummy felt tight.
but it still felt wrong inside.

Definitely... possibly... Perhaps I'd swim – next time."

At first the big blue sea makes them feel small and scared. Then the child visits a lake and a river, and their fear of water gradually starts to ebb as curiosity begins to flow.

A wonderful book for any child who is feeling nervous about new experiences, with lyrical words by Emily Joof and bold, dynamic illustrations by Matilda Ruta.


Available as a hardcover book


Written by Emily Joof

Illustrated by Matilda Ruta

Published by Floris Books

ISBN 978-1782508298