Noah Chases the Wind
Noah Chases the Wind

Noah Chases the Wind

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Winner of the silver medal in the Moonbeam Children's Books Award in the Picture Book 4–8-year-old category from Independent Publisher

Winner of the Gelett Burgess Children's Book Award

Noah knew he was different. He could see things that others couldn't, like the patterns in the dust that floated down on sunbeams.

Noah is different. He sees, hears, feels, and thinks in ways that other people don't always understand, and he asks a lot of questions along the way. Noah loves science, especially the weather. His books usually provide him with the answers he needs, until one day, there's one question they don't answer—and that is where Noah's windy adventure begins.

Filled with rich, sweeping illustrations, this picture book celebrates the inquisitive nature of all children, including those on the autism spectrum, who cannot stop asking a question until an answer has been unearthed.

The book contains a page of information for parents, caregivers, and educators about the importance of helping children feel good about their differences and know that being different is okay.


Available as a hardcover book.


Written by Michelle Worthington

Illustrated by Joseph Cowman

Published by Redleaf Lane

ISBN: 978-1605543567