One Million Trees: A True Story
One Million Trees: A True Story
One Million Trees: A True Story
One Million Trees: A True Story

One Million Trees: A True Story

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The real-life story of a family who planted 1,000,000 treesyes, it’s true!—to fight deforestation in British Columbia.

When Kristen Balouch was 10 years old, her parents made a surprising announcement: their whole family was going on a trip to plant trees!  Kristen, her sisters, and her mom and dad—and their pet, Wonder Dog!—flew from their California home to a logging site in British Columbia.  There, they joined a crew working to replant the trees that had been cut down.
One Million Trees, Kristen reflects on the forty days they spent living in a tent, covered in mud and bug bites, working hard every day to plant a new forest.  Young readers will learn a little French, practice some math skills, and learn all about how to plant a tree the right way!
The kid-friendly, engaging text is paired with bold illustrations, full of fun details and bright colors. The story ends with a modern-day look at what Kristen's family helped accomplish: a stand of huge trees growing on what used to be an empty, muddy patch of bare stumps. 
An author's note shares more information on deforestation, sustainable logging practices, and the irreplaceable environmental benefit of old growth forests. . . . Plus, the amazing things even a small group of people can do when they work together.
A fun story with an important environmental message,
One Million Trees is bound to inspire kids to get their hands dirty to make our planet healthy!
A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection


Available as a hardcover book


Written by Kristen Balouch

Published by Margaret Ferguson Books

ISBN 978-0823448609