The Kid with Big, Big Ideas
The Kid with Big, Big Ideas
The Kid with Big, Big Ideas

The Kid with Big, Big Ideas

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"There once was a kid with glittery nails

who always wore colorful socks,

and all around town, this child was known

for thinking outside of the box."

Following the bestselling The Boy with Big, Big Feelings and The Girl with Big, Big Questions comes a new story about a nonbinary kid with ideas so big and wild that grown-ups often dismiss them. What if we could be mermaids and swim to school? What if we could teach pets to talk? What if we could make the world safe and inclusive for everyone?

This innovative kid doesn't stop there, and with the help of their supportive Gran, they come up with the biggest idea yet. In a world that so often dismisses and excludes kids from decision-making, this book boldly suggests that not only should kids have a voice, but that their ideas just might be the ticket to making progress.


Available as a hardcover book


Written by Britney Winn Lee

Illustrated by Jacob Souva 

Published by Beaming Books

ISBN 978-1506487090